100% Match 150% Sicko 83% Barfy


25 / M / Straight / Single


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My Story


Bad as hell.


Body type: Donkey Kong.

Blood type: Donkey Kong.

Let's go on an adventure :P

My Dreams

One day I will eat an entire car. And not like a small car, like a BIG car like a Ford Expedition or something of a similar body type. And if you don't believe me then screw you buddy!!! ;)

My Skills

Gainers, backflips, somersaults, kickflips; really any time of movement where I'm in the air and being quirky. Trust me, once you see me gain - you're gonna freak.

The very 1st thing people notice about me

Massive jugs. Just really the biggest knockers you've ever seen. Like medical professionals have studied my body and haven't been able to come up with anything. I am an enigma.